Webinar Highlights Link Between Employee Experience and Productivity

The latest HappySignal’s Webinar, Employee Experience in ITSM, is now available online. Held on September 13th, 2018, it takes viewers through the process of gathering more feedback on the ITSM experience and using that to motivate service desk agents, increase customer happiness and, ultimately, boost productivity.

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By Juha Vakkila

HappySignals’ Chief Product Officer Pasi Nikkanen, explains that the Employee Experience usually breaks down into three fields; HR, facilities and IT. HappySignal’s focus is the latter, in particular employee’s experience of ITSM and the service desk.

As you will see, by measuring employee happiness and (lost) productivity, HappySignals arrives at a score for the employee experience, something that highlights areas for development and helps make the business case. Pasi gives details of our survey methods that achieve response rates of 25-55%, far above norms for the sector.

Lastly by using data from the surveys you’ll see how it both encourages service agents to learn from any problems that arise to improve their performance (and motivates them as 75% of feedback is typically positive), and reassures employees that their employee experience feedback leads directly to concerns being addressed.

You can find the slides used for the webinar HappySignals-Webinar-20180913.

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